About Me

By day Super Mummy ….

  • is a working super mum
  • wears smart tailored dresses, discount viagra heels and the occassional suit jacket
  • straightens her hair and adds a little of that serum stuff for shiny goodness
  • marches the children out of the front door by 8.00am (sometimes still with their toast in their hands)
  • says things like ‘RAG Status remains Green’ and ‘Milestones on track ‘
  • drinks tea out of Starbucks and Starbucks out of tea

By night Super Mummy….

  • is a cooking super mum, a cleaning super mum, a creative super mum, a geeky writer super mum
  • wears oversized pyjamas and animal print slippers
  • sports a rather fetching ponytail
  • marches the children upstairs for baths at 6.30pm (sometimes still with their toast in their hands)
  • says things like ‘well wipe it on some tissue then instead of your school tie’ and ‘Get your fingers out of there.’
  • drinks Pinot Grigio. And lots of it.

Okay, I’m not really Super Mummy, I’m just Julie-Ann. But I strive to be super at everything I do and I hope my two little ones and their Daddy think I am….

Said Daddy (who is truly super) is the love of my life, my childhood sweetheart and we’ve been together longer than we’ve not. He makes me laugh, he is very tolerant of my occassional grumpiness and the fact that I tell him the odd white lie, like ‘yes, I did remember to feed the goldfish’, then I sneak off later to do it for fear of the goldfish carking it.

I’m on the wrong side of 30 now, but can honestly say being a woman in my 30s brings a certain reassurance with it that being in my 20s never had. I’m a mum of two, the eldest, Little Princess Pink is approaching her 7th birthday and Little Monster Blue recently turned four and is already asking on a near daily basis when he will turn five.

My first and most important job is being a Mum, which is obviously a 24 /7 gig as all other mums will know. I also made a choice to overlay that (non-paying in hard cash) job with a ‘career’.

I’ve studied hard, and worked my way up to a reasonable level within my corporate, suit wearing job. Pursuing a career, throwing in Little Monster Blue for good measure, continuing to support Super Daddy as he holds down his proper sensible job, runs a rather fantabulous web design company AND coaches a youth football team THREE TIMES A WEEK (*ahem*) means my life is now a daily balancing act between the career ladder, the naughty step and the ever growing laundry pile….and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am passionate about writing (as much as I am about talking), and I do both regularly about family life and being a working parent. I offer helpful insights on how you can balance the two without having a gargantuan wobble.

I’d love if you chose to stop by regularly, and you’ll find a real mish mash of posts about family life with my lot, some (hopefully) helpful stuff about making working work when you have children and often just some of my general musings. You might like what I have to say, and I’d love to hear what you think about this whole parenting and working mum malarkey too.



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