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Days 18 – 24 #100happydays

Yes, pharmacy it’s another mammoth post which captures the last weeks worth of happy days all at once! It’s been a fairly hectic week all round here, sovaldi sale with few opportunities for mindful moments, but I’ve found this far in to the #100happydays challenge that each day throws up a whole range of happy moments, that it’s becoming tricky to settle on the top moment of the day.

I guess this was the purpose of the challenge. It’s no secret that you attract what you wish for or spending time thinking of and planning for; so it follows that when looking out for happy moments in the little things, more and more of them crop up. I guess it’s a little like when you buy a new car, in a colour and style you’ve never seen widely before, only to drive past three just like it on the way home from the garage! When you’re trying to get pregnant, or in those early stages and all you see everywhere you go is pregnant lady bumps.

So my #100happydays this week are just like this.

Day 19: Spending a Saturday with my bestest friend. She loves in London, I don’t. Time spent together is few and far between. A day of lunching, ceramic painting, bath bomb making and soft playing with the little princess and this lovely lady’s’ little niece was a pretty happy way to spend a Saturday.


Day 20: Who doesn’t love white chocolate cookies? Believe me they taste even better when brought by a friend and still within your daily weight watchers pro points allowance.


Day 21: The little monster decided to eat his entire dinner using chopsticks in light of learning about Chinese New Year at preschool. His determination made me smile, and he managed better than he sometimes does with a fork!


Day 22: Standing under a hot shower completely undisturbed by little ones needing to use the loo. For a whole 17 minutes. Mums will know.


Day 23: New bedtime stories that we’ve never read before. The little princess got a few of these books a couple of years ago, Santa not quite realising she was still a little young for them, but now we’ve reached the perfect age. Lauren Child is quite fabulous in my view.


Day 24: A final addition to our new family room, this wall sticker foxed me earlier in the week, but I eventually sussed it out. The happy factor actually comes from this being the song I sing to both the monster and the princess when tucking them up at night. One of the best parts of the day 😉


Days 9 – now! #100happydays

When I set out to complete the 100 happy days challenge, cialis I won’t lie, cialis generic I saw it as a good opporchancity to get better at updating my blog on a regular basis since it’s become a little unloved in recent times. But in amongst looking for and enjoying all the happy stuff, I’ve continued to forget to post it all here. I’ll give short sharp summaries of days nine to now (I can’t quite count up what day we’re on!) in order that I catch up, and here forth I’ll adopt the mantra that tomorrow is another day.

Wishing you all happy things,

Day 9 – the one with the ESPA back, neck and shoulder massage courtesy of a great local salon, The Retreat


Day 10 – the one with splashy fun at bath time. Wow, these guys are growing too fast.


Day 11 – Friday G&T. Enough said.

And if you look closely enough you’ll see the G&T Photo has made its way to the very bottom of this post and I don’t know how to fix it! This must mean I have to have another tonight!

Day 12 – Growing my Stella & Dot business


Day 13 – the one where my little sister turned 30. 30 presents for each year.


Day 14 – the one where I escaped from my desk at lunchtime and *gasp* went for a walk. This view is five minutes away from my desk. Very lucky.


Day 15 – I love Tuesdays. Flexible working means I get to pick this bundle of gorgeousness up from school. And we drink hot chocolate.


Day 16 – ‘just because’ flowers. The best kind.


And then there’s today – Day 17, it would appear. It’s nearly 10pm and therefore nearly bedtime… And I actually have a list of things that would make it on to the list today, some family oriented, some relationship wise, some professionally, some really personal, some business focused and some friendship based. So today, I’m just taking it all in, and this sums up exactly where I am.



Days 5 – 8 #100happydays

Well, sildenafil it would appear I’ve been too busy being happy to actually post here on a daily basis! So you get not a double, not a triple, but a quadruple whammy of happy photos in today’s entry!

Day 5 – the one where the girls (and their bairns) came over, we drank tea, ate cake and drooled over the boys from One Direction (much to the little princesses horror!) I decided Zain / Zayne (?) is my favourite. Much love for Harry too however.


Day 6 – the one where I got to spend an unexpected afternoon with this handsome guy. He’s my husband, so it’s not that juicy, but given he usually spends Saturday afternoons at the matches of the Under 17s football team he coaches, it’s a rare occurrence. Thanks Jack Frost for the frozen pitch.


Day 7 – the one where I got to choose the movie. Sunday movie night, no sci-fi, no thriller, no cop dramas or aliens. Just Bradley Cooper. Sweet.


Day 8 – today! A whole 20 minutes listening to the radio on the car journey home from work, good tunes and bad singing in equal measure. And no refereeing of back seat squabbles or a million ‘but why?’ questions to deal with. Turn that volume UP!


Day 4 – #100happydays

Feeding the creativity today; mind mapping and realising this little pile of colour popping jelly belly beans weren’t going to break the diet….

Day 4 #100happydays


Day 3 #100happydays

The one with the exploding bath bomb. A secret Santa gift from my school mum chums. Oh what good taste they have. Making me even happier is the gorgeous smell wafting round my bathroom and this swirly, store whirly pattern left in the bubbles.

And relax……


100 Happy Days

I love this sh*t. I genuinely do. I dabbled sometime ago with random acts of kindness, online some folks told me it was just too weird, doctor others just got it. I read ‘The Secret’ seven years ago and regularly practice the principles of the laws of attraction. An attitude of gratitude has been a mantra of mine for a long time too (and hearing the rather lovely Bradley Cooper talk on Radio One to Chris Moyles about writing a gratitude journal each morning as the first thing he did upon waking didn’t influence me at all!)

After a yucky time with anxiety nearly two years ago, I started to read up more around mindfulness, living in the moment, taking action for happiness, practising gratitude more and as it happened, putting my energies in that direction really helped.

Last year we started a ‘happiness jar’ – a basic idea which the whole family embraced in the end. One jar filled with little blank strips of paper and a pen, another empty jar. Each day, or when the moment took us, we’d write down what made us happy that day, or something we were thankful for and pop it in the happy jar, which eventually became pretty full. At the request of the little princess we read out our years worth of happy moments on Christmas Eve. It was my top happy moment of the year.

So this year, alongside the happy jar, and alongside hundreds / thousands of others who are doing it too, I’m taking part in #100happydays and each day will be taking or sharing a photo capturing my happy moment. Simple. But powerful.

Join in! Simply take your photos and tweet, share on instagram or facebook using the #100happydays, or simply keep them in a photo album of your own. I’d love to see everyone’s photos though as I already have a warm glow of happiness from seeing those of friends who are also giving it a bash, please do share and feel free to tweet me @workingsupermum or follow on instagram too.

Day one #100happydays – finishing and submitting a children’s book entry to a competition. To be honest, reading it to the kids and having them love it was the best part.


Day Two #100happydays – building the Playmobil Hotel as a team! Took forever, but it rocks. I love it more than the kids I think.


Builders Mate

I’ve built so much Lego and Playmobil these last two weeks I’m thinking of applying for membership of the Association of the Chartered Institute of Building. My odds for entry are good. Don’t get me wrong, diagnosis in the main it’s been fun. Much more so when accompanied by a festive glass of red and a platter of cheese and biscuits.

As expected, it’s been hazardous at times, paper cuts from the instruction booklets, near cracked tooth from trying to separate two incorrectly joined pieces and the par for the course full flat heavy pressured step on that tiniest Lego block which menacingly managed to find its way from the ‘safe zone’ on the table into the middle of the floor ready to trap it’s unsuspecting victim.

Thankfully the building efforts have been varied or it all could have gotten a little tiresome. Between the four of us we’ve managed vast quantities of construction, ranging from the rather amazing but complicated Lego dolphin cruiser to small and easy if you know how Iron Man vs The Mandarin – The Ultimate Showdown (even if I’d no idea what the end result was supposed to be, the little monster was happy with it). The Playmobil zoo took over two hours to build and there was much wailing and crying (mine) when I realised I’d built a whole section upside down and back to front, and again when it became clear the meerkat enclosure would take a further half hour to build and I’d no wine left (yep, still mine), and even more when I wasn’t even allowed the first play with the finished article.

Throw in Heartlake High School, Horse trailer, some Ninja Turtles kit and caboodle which even had pizza made from Lego and we had a pretty impressive display on our dining table for a while. Then came New Years Day and we had eleven to seat for a steak pie lunch so it was all promptly dispensed into the storage boxes hurriedly bought on Christmas Eve when we questioned where on earth we were going to put it all. Good job we got that garage conversion last year. If only I’d realised my building talents back then during those works. I could have given those tradesmen a run for their money. I wonder if they need any apprentices? I’m their woman!


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