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Silent Sunday


A Monster Clear Out

We’ve been clearing out cupboards with gusto round ours lately. I’m not sure if Super Daddy was more concerned that I might be a) nesting or b) leaving him, there but black bin bags seemed to be multiplying on the upstairs landing every time I emerged from an upstairs room.

Warnings were given to the little people that under no circumstances were they to open the bags, generic see a car / stuffed dog / train / tea set (delete as appropriate) that had been wedged at the back of their toy cupboard for the last three years and decree with much wailing and screaming that this was their FAVOURITE toy and by no means should it be allowed to leave the confines of their bedrooms in search of a new life with another child.

That of course didn’t happen.

Somewhere between the hours of scraping fish finger remnants into the bin and scrubbing dirty fingernails in the bath it would appear that one little person peeked. It was only a teeny peek, so I’m told, into the top of a bag but the discovery that (boo hiss) nasty mummy was sending a ton of dress up dolls, long ago robbed of their dresses, off in search of an appropriate cover up from the musty racks of the charity store was made.

The reason for this mass clear out? It seems only two toys are flavour of the month in our house at the moment. A set of plastic jungle animals randomly mixed with dinosaurs, but when set out on the farm play mat make an excellent safari park. (Confused? Yes, me too.) And a rather colourful, if not unusual looking Monster High doll, which the seven year old princess loves.

The blue doll has scales all over her body, yellow and blue hair, fins on her arms and legs and a pet piranha that she carries around in a bag fashioned to look like a fish bowl, goes by the name of Lagoona Blue and is one of the many Monster High dolls that my daughter and her classmates have been raving about since school term started. Playing Monster High ‘top trumps’ with the princess, I discovered that my own favourite doll is Ghoulia Yelps. According to her stats, she’s a huge bookworm and the cleverest and most sophisticated girl at Monster High. Oh, and she’s a zombie. We have a lot in common after a busy working week. My own little monster tells me you can get these Monster High dolls here as well as other toys from Argos (having already indicated most of his Santa wish list can be found in the Argos catalogue just as his Daddy did many moons ago.)

So I seized the opportunity whilst the Monster High girls went on a class trip to the safari park to have a proper clear out and make way for new goodies that no doubt the upcoming festive season will bring (I didn’t say the C word…) Though it looks like we’ll be adding to the collection sooner than that as pocket money has already been earmarked for Draculaura….good job it’s nearly Halloween!


Silent Sunday


Can we build it? Yes we can

The super sister in law and I had a corker of an idea today. Our lightbulb moment came to us whilst we jointly tackled the assembling of Little Monster Blue’s new single bed. There I was clambering over chunky bits of wood still wearing my knee high boots such was my rush to start building it the minute I’d walked in the door, salve and there she was acquainting herself with the spanner whilst still wearing her puffy North Face winter jacket. In fairness to her she had only dropped in for a cuppa but through subliminal messaging I successfully roped her into helping me out without her really noticing, and frankly how on earth I thought I’d manage on my own anyway I’ll never know.

About twenty minutes in, and making great progress as we reminisced about the three hours it took us to mount a wall shelf a few years ago, we had the fantastic idea that we should set ourselves up in business as female furniture assemblers. Surely there’s a gap in the market there we agreed. This was whilst one of us struggled to hold up ‘Panel 3’ whilst the other grabbed a pile of books to prop up said panel so as we could turn our attentions to step 4 in the instructions. We cackled at how our toolkit would contain a selection of children’s books in various thicknesses for the propping up of parts that we weren’t quite sure actually went together. We discussed and agreed the division of labour, she would do the reading of the instructions, as despite me ‘familiarising myself with them’ for the recommended four minutes they suggested, I was still trying to complete step 5 with the panel facing the wrong way. We agreed I would do the screwing and turning of bolts and screws in hard to reach places as frankly her fat fingers didn’t make the task easy nor quick and we’d wasted precious time by having her take responsibility for that task when she didn’t have the right tools.

We didn’t get as far as discussing our company name, or our van as we just had to stop for a tea break upon reaching step 6 (it was an even number) but I’d like to think we’d call ourselves something like Janes of all Trades. We’d drive a pink van naturally as its all about the cliches.

We got there in the end with not man in sight.


Celebrating Successes!

You know how you have some days that are just out and out successes? Well, cialis sale this day goes down as one of those.

Today, cialis canada I’ve successfully managed to forget it was ‘bring in a baby photo’ for show and tell at preschool which resulted in one very sad boy at drop off this morning. Being *ahem* the supermummy that I strive to be, I quickly set about recovering the situation by running back to the car to obtain the baby photo that I was certain would be in my purse. I successfully managed to feel like the worlds worst mother when I discovered no baby photos of the little monster, but three of his sister.

In spectacular style, I then successfully managed in some freak ‘couldn’t do it again if I tried’ type incident, to stab myself in my own face with my car keys leaving a rather red raw lump on my lip. Braw.

My upward trajectory continued as I then successfully flashed the gas man my backside as I bent down in a very unladylike fashion to open the garage door. Not to worry too much though as I then topped that off with successfully managing to pass him a pack of sanitary towels and a toilet roll to hold whilst I showed him where the hot water tank was.

I was successfully beaten at Pictureka by an over enthusiastic 7 year old, and I successfully managed to cry as soon as Super Daddy asked me how my day was.

So now I’m off to successfully find the bottom of this bottle of wine that’s been winking at me since 6 o’clock!


Weekend by Numbers

One smashed watermelon, discount viagra one sad boy.
One smashed lamp, patient one cross mummy.
Two evening trips to the airport in the pouring rain.
One best friend safely deposited.
One husband and Daddy London bound.
Two coats of paint in one new family room.
Four days in still debating whether its grey or blue.
Three cold glasses of bubbles, watching Eleven Scotsmen get beat by the Belgians.
Five pounds from the tooth fairy because someone had no change.
Nine cupcakes with weird and wonderful flavours. One thousand calories per cake.
Ninety decibels multiplied by six, because my kids and their buddies don’t come with volume control.
Twelve giggling little ones tubing down the ski slopes.
Twelve sweaty littles ones after sixty minutes of sheer excitement.
Forty-five minutes spent in Ikea before voices became raised. Impressive, especially on a Sunday.
Twenty four birthday cards, thirty five candles.
One happy mummy with every reason to be thankful.


Silent Sunday


Competition Time

So we’re all back to school, remedy sad that summer holidays are over and looking forward to half term already?

Whether you’re in the yes camp or no camp, the best way to face the school term (or the thought of another week of holidays in the not too distant future) is to ensure you’ve planned for the next one….and here at Family Super we’re doing just that by checking out where we might want to visit on our October break. (Not that the children have inherited my preference for planning ahead at all!)

Whilst we continue to plan our itinerary, why don’t you think about starting your plans for a family day out with the chance to win a complimentary ticket for four people to visit the top attraction Madame Tussaud’s in Blackpool.

To win a complimentary ticket for four to Madame Tussaud’s in Blackpool* , simply tell me in the comments box below who you would want to see in wax work form and why, and share this competition on Facebook or Twitter vis @workingsupermum for the chance to win.

Entries must be received by 12noon on Friday 13th September and the winner will be announced later that day – lucky for someone indeed!

Good luck.

*Important stuff to note :
Ticket must be used by 31st May 2014, so you’ve loads of time!
The prize is for a ticket for four people, there is no cash alternative.
The prize does not include travel or accommodation.
Winner will be selected at random.
The winner will be announced on the Supermummy blog on Friday 13th September.
Tickets will be posted directly to winner thereafter.





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