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Silly Talk

You know how some days your kids just say things that make you look at them and think where did that come from, tadalafil or they come out with little quips that make you chuckle?

I’m having one of those weeks and in the interests of not forgetting these gems, and perhaps giving you a chuckle too, here’s a snapshot of the funny things my children have said this week:

The Little MonsterAged 4 and 1/4

Mummy, Are you my step mother now Daddy has falled out with you? – upon overhearing Super Daddy and I having ‘words’.

I want to be a postman. Or a dog.

Mummy, you smell like cereal bars this morning – first words to me today upon wakening, so much for the odour free fake tan!

Can you take a picture of me colouring so I can show the world how good I am at it?

I’ll sell you this drawing of a Ninja Turtle for £12.50 if you pay up now.

Some people don’t have children. Maybe they’re allergic to them.

The Little PrincessAged 6 and 3/4

Mummy, you are so embarrassing when you sing like that. You think you’re cool. It’s a bit awkward actually. – upon me warbling along to Daft Punk and strutting some funky disco moves (ahem) in the car.

When I’m 13 I’m going to be a typical teenager and live on my phone and love clothes.

Upon telling her I thought she was hilarious – I am. I’m also hilarious at school. Fact.

What gems have your little ones shared with you this week? Do share!


Silent Sunday – 26th May 2013


Silent Sunday – 19th May 2013


How to focus on the best parts in all of the madness

It’s been a week and a half! Last time I checked it was Monday morning and I was laying flat on my back, hospital which believe me is not anywhere near as exciting as it sounds. I had a rather lovely bout of vertigo which resulted in lots of song lyrics with the words ‘spin’ and ‘spinning’ in them being thrown at me. There are more than you’d realise actually. Still, I donned my supermummy cape, doled out some garbled instructions to the Mr about school and nursery drop offs and managed to dial into a few work calls whilst lying out flat before the meds kicked in and I could stand without feeling like I was on a merry go round.

Somewhere between then and now I managed to do a great job on prep for a meeting I wasn’t really feeling all warm and glowy about. I attended an insightful and engaging conference about the commerciality of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and heard an inspirational presentation from Claire Strange, Coach of the GB women’s wheelchair basketball team about personal resilience. I put in a great show at earlier mentioned meeting, lunched with a good friend, read up on the event details for the Focused Womens’ Annual Conference I’m attending on Monday, started reading a book called May Cause Miracles (I’m becoming something of a self help junkie these days) had a follow up appointment with a superb Occupational Therapist (remember my anxiety post?) and ticked off somewhere in the region of 80% of the things on my work to do list.

It’s felt good.

But the best parts?

Watching the princess swimming backstroke with her goggles too far down her head making her little ears flop over at the tips. Swinging in tandem on the garden swing in the sunshine laughing into each others faces and wondering how on earth we created such a beautiful little being. Colouring in every single page of the monsters’ ‘Thats not my….animal’ colour book and naming each animal on the merits of its physical attributes – Cat = Paws, Tiger = Stripes, Horse = Mane and Fish = Mr Big Moustache…. because he had a tail like a big moustache obviously. Dressing the little man up as a Tiger for his ‘dress as your favourite animal day’ and watching the delight on his face as he checked himself out in the mirror. Seeing the princess gleefully skip out of Rainbow Guides with the tatty but much loved knitted dolly Sally who was coming to stay at ours for the week. Sharing a bacon muffin and smoothie with the monster and musing together over how lovely the ladies who’d taken a shine to my handsome little fella in the jewellers were. Driving to school with the roof down all singing at the tops of our voices and giggling manically at the odd looks passers by were giving us.

And now, I’m flopped on the sofa with my third glass of proseco, watching Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ on DVD show me her version of how it’s done, texting one of my besties, blogging, and thinking as I do every day just how exhausted, but bloody lucky, I am.

What beautiful things have you loved in amongst all of the madness this week?

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